The Most Nutritious Meal We Could Have

The Most Nutritious Meal We Could Have

The Most Nutritious : If there is one easy way to get a well-rounded meal that is also made from raw and living foods it is in the form of a salad. Though common views of salads tend to see them as consisting entirely of vegetables, the reality is that you can make a remarkably healthy and completely nutritious meal in your salad bowl and it can include fruit, nuts, herbs, and more.

How is that possible? After all, how can a salad give you plenty of protein or fatty acid? How can it bring adequate carbohydrates and fats? The body needs all of these things throughout the course of a day, and it might seem that a “typical” salad would be unable to deliver. This, however, is an inaccurate view of the many dishes that can be called “salad”.

As a prime example, consider something like a “quinoa salad”. There are dozens and dozens of variations on this theme, but the thing that is most important is that quinoa. An ancient (and mightily delicious) grain, packs a lot of nutritional “punch”. It is loaded with fiber and protein, contains tons of nutrients, and partners beautifully with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and any sort of dressing. It can be cooked until very tender or left with a bit of bite (al dente) to ensure texture in your salad. This will also allow the grain to absorb juices, enzymes, and flavors from raw veggies, dressings, or fruits tossed into the mix.

That is just a single grain that can serve as the basis for a fantastic salad. There are other grains, and when partnered with chopped greens and herbs, and tossed in a well made dressing, can easily deliver ample nutrition. When nuts and nut oils are added, the portrait is complete.

Just consider that you can get the fatty acids required by using a nut oil and citrus combination for the dressing and adding a handful of chopped nuts and seeds to boost protein. You get all of the fiber you could possibly want from the raw greens, but you can also add some organic dried fruits or chopped fresh fruits. Vitamins and minerals abound in fresh salads too because they can contain a veritable “rainbow” of vegetables and fruits.

Additionally, remember that you can use ingredients such as garlic, spices, and herbs to ensure that the salad is flavorful and full of added health benefits.

What’s not to love about them!

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that you want to always use organic, fresh, and locally grown foods when possible. It is fairly easy to grow a lot of your own greens and herbs as well, and this might be a great way to enjoy a salad every day! Skip the bottled dressings and just use cold-pressed nut and vegetable oils that have retained all of their essential acids and components and you will really savor true food vitality.