Solving the BBQ Grill Cover Dilemma

Solving the BBQ Grill Cover Dilemma

When you’re out shopping for an outdoor grill, be sure to look at the ones with a BBQ grill cover.  Some BBQ recipes require you to cover certain food while grilling.  A grill cover will also come in handy to protect the grill from the weather when you aren’t using it.  Taking good care of your grill will make it last longer.

Some states and regions experience snow, rain, extreme heat, frost, hail, moisture and humid conditions at different times of the year.  A BBQ grill cover can prevent damage during such circumstances and keep your grill in perfect working order longer.  The quality of the covers also varies, so buy a grill with a durable cover if possible.

The quality of grill covers varies in thickness, material, etc.  Consider the area where you live and the seasons and type of weather you have throughout the year.  For places with moderate climates, you can buy a grill with a thin cover.  But if you live in states or countries that have very harsh conditions and extreme changes in climate, a heavy-duty, thick and sturdy cover is advisable.

Another factor to consider is the location of the grill itself.  If your grill is portable and you have the option to store it indoors or in your garage when not in use, a lightweight and thin cover will do because it won’t be exposed to the elements for too long.  If your area has harsh weather and your outdoor grill is permanently installed in your backyard, you would definitely need a tougher cover.

Aside from temperature and climate, other things can affect your outdoor BBQ grill such as dry leaves, bird droppings, insects and so forth.  Aside from damaging your grill, these are also unsanitary and can stain the surface of your expensive grill.  Some stains, if left for months won’t come off that easily.  You can avoid these from happening by using a BBQ grill cover.

Most BBQ grills today automatically come with grill covers.  The sizes and style differ though.  Consider the shape and size of the cover when buying a grill.  Some food that requires covering won’t cook well if the cover is too small or too large.  If you are buying the BBQ grill cover separately, then you have to pay attention to the size of the cover too.  Measure your grill and consider weather conditions and how you will store the grill before you decide on which cover to buy.

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