Salads As a Center Stage Meal

Salads As a Center Stage Meal

When people talk about salads, they mostly think that it’s just the little dish made up of lettuce and other fixings, toppings and dressing they eat before starting the main course of every meal. Some will think that it’s just the optional food you get from the salad bar at the corner of the restaurant. But nowadays, as more people become health conscious, making salad as the main course of the meal is becoming a great idea.

Main course salads have become quite a hit during these times when people are already mindful of what they eat. And in order for them to enjoy each meal, they are trying find ways into making their salads a delightful treat. Besides, salads are very easy to prepare. They are simply fixings thrown together and then consumed to fill up any empty stomach, taking you at most 15 minutes to prepare.

In preparation for a main course salad, try using a salad plate or some decorative salad bowl to enhance the presentation of the meal. Taco salad bowls can also work perfectly for any salad. These salad bowls can be seen on most grocery stores and doesn’t necessarily need to be used for tacos. And if you really want to be creative, try using pita bread or taco shells for the main course salad base.

As for the filler, hands down the best vegetable to fill any salad is still lettuce. They come well with any meat enhanced salad too. And even if you’re trying to make some pasta salad with some seafood like shrimp or tuna, lettuce leaves are still great for filling and presentation by making them act as a bed for the whole salad.

After creating the bed and filling, you can then go ahead and put all of your prepared vegetables into the main course salad mix. Possible examples would be mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. These veggies act as enhancement ingredients for your main course salad. As a matter of fact, the more veggies you pack in, the better. Of course, this is as long as the vegetable you’re putting in will taste good for you. You really don’t want to make something you wouldn’t want to eat right?

Salads can be a complete main course dish too and with that said, let’s take an ease now on all the vegetables and make the salad more filling. Chopped, sliced or diced meat like chicken, beef or pork is an optional addition to a perfect salad. They certainly add a great deal of flavor to the mix besides making the salad more filling and satisfying. Other alternatives can be seafood, ham or turkey if you have the budget. Or if you want to add some more protein, get some eggs into the mix (but not too much of course).

Don’t forget to top your salad off afterwards before serving them. For toppings, you can use croutons, bacon bits, seeds or nuts, or even a combination of these options. Adding some cheese for the salad climax can add more substance to the presentation. Afterwards, let’s get on to the dressings and we’re all done.

If you want a change to the ordinary main course salad you’re used to eat, try exploring other flavors to make the dish more exciting. Try making the salad with Mexican or Asian fixings to provide some spice or sweetness whichever you prefer. For example, adding some chow mien noodles gives the main course salad some oriental flare. Be sure to match the salad with a flavorful dressing afterwards. After all is said and done, dressings are still the ones that mostly dictate the flavor of the salad.

Salads have come a long way from becoming just rabbit food. I hope you’ll have fun in making your own main course salad and please do keep in mind that when preparing the dish, let your taste buds and health consciousness dictate each step of the way.