How to clean a grill – 5 expert ways to make BBQs easier

It’s a scorching hot day, the beers have been flowing all afternoon, and your barbecue has been a success. There’s nothing better than a grilled feast on a summer’s day. As the neighbors begin to make their way home and the kids retreat indoors, you realise you’re faced with the one job everyone wants to avoid: cleaning the grill. 

Grilling is great. Cleaning is not. But we’re here to make your life that little bit easier, and there are a few hacks for how to clean a grill that change everything. Whether you have one of the best gas barbecues or are using a firepit, we’ve asked some grilling experts the hassle-free way to clean your grill. So you spend less time scrubbing at blackened grates and more time enjoying delicious food.  

How to clean a grill – the easy guide to barbecues

(Image credit: Sara Essex Bradley)

1. Use a grill brush 

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