Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet chocolates, could there be anything more decadent? There is just something about the way is melts in your mouth, thick yet extremely creamy. Surrounding your tastes buds with a sweet, sinfully passionate taste that satisfies every fiber your being to an almost nirvana like state. Yes, I do love my chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate cake, truffles, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, hot chocolate, fudge, milk chocolate, dark chocolate you name I love it! It is one of my favorite gifts to give or to receive.

There are so many places to find gourmet chocolate online and they pretty much all offer wonderful gourmet gift baskets filled with your favorite chocolate candy delights. They offer baskets pre-made with an assortment of gourmet candy or you can special order a basket filled with fine gourmet chocolate that you choose. Anyone would enjoy receiving a gift of chocolate for any occasion. Another chocolate gift idea is to take a couple of chocolate bars and tie them together with a pretty ribbon and there you have it a great gift for someone to say, “thinking of you”, “thank you” or throw in a rose with them it say’s “I love you”!

Grant yourself a view through chocolate colored glasses, the chocolates from ZChocolat are exquisite, pure chocolate indulgence they fulfill everyone’s most luxurious fantasy. In addition you will find a cornucopia of culinary specialties and the hand crafted boxes are treasures themselves. The very best French chocolatiers can be found making these collections of chocolate ecstasy. These are the chocolates you hear stories about and are the perfect chocolates to say “I love you” with. While I have only received one box of their chocolates (so far), I remember everyone of them.

Another favorite of mine is Dan’s Chocolates, fantastic chocolates. The gourmet dark chocolate assortment box are yummy, I have received chocolates from them twice and both gifts where to die for. I love their truffles, all of them, I have yet to have one I did not love. They also do a great job with the wedding favor chocolates. We purchased 125 boxed delights for a family wedding and they were perfect, everyone loved them. While I am sure that for the most part online chocolate company’s sell great chocolates, these two I can personally vouch for as selling fantastic gourmet chocolate confections.

These chocolate gift ideas work for just about any occasion, valentine’s day, Christmas, new years, birthdays, anniversary’s, get well soon, miss you, thank you, congratulations, welcome home and of course I love you’s. They can come in baskets, boxes, bags or wrapped in ribbon. You can ad flowers, coffee, teas, wines, crackers and cheeses, fruit, balloons and stuffed animals with them help personalize them for an individual. Do not get stuck thinking you have to stick with a traditional pre-made basket or package. Let your imagination lead you, if you are putting together something for a chocolate lover just order the chocolates and put the rest together when you chocolates arrive. They will be perfectly wrapped and can be hidden away to be presented at the perfect time.

Here is a great idea for a perfect day at the beach with your favorite chocolate lover surprise. Fill an ice chest with some cold drinks, fresh fruit and maybe some crackers and cheese. Wrap your box of gourmet chocolates in a towel and hide it in the ice chest, take some beach towels, a Frisbee, sunscreen and your chocolate lover to your favorite beach. Enjoy the sun and fun, the water and the time with your friend, then at the perfect time break out the chocolate. Or how about this one, pack a backpack of goodies not to forget a bar or two of fine chocolate to take on a hike or walk, invite a good friend or two and go enjoy the day and share some great chocolate with them. It’s all good!

In closing I have to mention the proper way to store your gourmet chocolate. Chocolate is very sensitive to light, humidity and temperature. Chocolate should be stored in a dark place protected from light and humidity (less than 50%) and in temperatures between 59 and 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Chocolate can and will absorb many different aromas so you should try to store it away from other foods. Different effects can happen to chocolate when not stored properly everything form turning a whitish color to the fat or sugar crystals rising to the surface of the chocolate, while this can be visually unappealing it is perfectly safe to consume. Take care of your gourmet chocolate, they take you where only chocolate can. Live,love and enjoy a great piece of chocolate!

Sophie Beck writes for Chocolate-Gourmet.com Sophie hopes to help her reader’s by providing excellent resources and information on Gourmet Chocolates. We have complete information and excellent resources for finding and enjoying some of the best gourmet chocolates from around the world.