Gas BBQ Grill – A Great Way to Grill Burgers

Gas BBQ Grill – A Great Way to Grill Burgers

Grill experts may argue all day long which grill is better gas or charcoal. Gas BBQ grill owner may win the argument for faster cook time. Charcoal BBQ grill take a longer time because the charcoals must get hot then white. Food enthusiasts say that they can get the meat cooked more evenly on a gas grill. A popular food channel has a plethora of recipes available online for the gas BBQ grill lover.

Since the begging of time, there has been something attractive about cooking meat outdoors. Early grillers used fire and wood smoke. Food probably cooked for hours over an open smoke pit to before it was ready for consumption. A modern day grill enthusiast only has to ask themselves gas or charcoal? More and more people are choosing the quickness of a gas BBQ.

For the holidays, cooking food the traditional way is a thing of the past. Most people cook their turkey in the oven. Frying a turkey was all the rage for the last two years. Kampanye di media sosial
Cooking turkey on the grill is growing in popularity. Grill lover will use any excuse to grill outdoor all year long. If you are cooking a large turkey a gas grill is a quick way to have it evenly cooked.

First fire up the grill to a temperature of about 170 degrees. Season the thawed out bird with the seasoning of your choice. Some cooks prefer to inject the turkey with different flavors. More traditional cooks prefer to rub the seasoning all over the bird along with a little melted butter. At this point the turkey is ready for the grill. Tie the legs of the turkey up and place it on the gas BBQ. Turn the turkey about every fifteen minutes for about 45 minutes. The turkey should be a nice golden brown color with a juicy inside.

Getting ready for a summer picnic at the beach? A summer cookout at the beach is not complete without the gas grill. While other beach goers wait for the charcoals to turn white, gas has the food almost ready. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak will be ready in a flash. The only thing left to do is to break out the potato salad.

Cooking ribs on a grill is an art form. Ribs can be cooked several ways. They can be made with a dry rub or a wet sauce. There are several types of ribs. Beef ribs, Short ribs, Baby back ribs and pork ribs are the most popular ribs. Choose the seasoning for the ribs. If using a rub, spread the spice all over the ribs. Place the ribs on the rack. Cook the ribs on the grill for about thirty minutes. If they are cooked too long, the ribs will tend to be rubbery. Take the ribs off the gas grill and enjoy in half the cooking time as charcoal. The battle of the grills will probably go on. A gas BBQ grill will win in the time category every time.

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