Chocolate Is Not an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate Is Not an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate : Since the myth has lasted for centuries, scientist began doing studies to see if the claim was true. One such study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine wanted to see if women who ate chocolate for a period of time would become sexually aroused from eating chocolate. They studied a random group of about 163 adult women whose average age was 35. They divided them into two groups and found no significant difference between the first group who had one serving of chocolate versus the second group that had three or more servings a day.

Most researchers have discovered the two natural chemicals found in chocolate that is supposed to make it an aphrodisiac is tryptophan, a building block of serotonin and phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine. Because they are in trace amounts they are not significant enough to turn a flicker into a flame sexually. If anyone claims otherwise it is probably more psychological than physical.

Taking a closer look at the myth under a microscope, if chocolate was truly an aphrodisiac; it would be treated as a drug and…

… would come with a warning label.

… would make a person feel sexually aroused after eating it.

… would make a person feel strange, become hyper active or act as if they are high.

… would be sold behind the counter at the pharmacy.

… you would have to have a prescription.

… would be sold on the street as an illegal drug call “aphrodisiac candy”.

… would be advertised as a multivitamin or herbal remedy.

… prescribe as a medicine by many physicians and psychiatrists.

… would be sold in every supplemental and health food store as an energy booster.

… would be in every household medicine cabinet like as aspirin.

… would be mixed in dishes or served with many other foods like seasoning salt.

… used to seduce or drug unsuspecting victims.

… would become addictive and people strung out on it and do whatever than can to get it.

Now if you are still not convinced that chocolate is not an aphrodisiac go out and get you some. While you’re eating it, think of this list and note if any of the things applies to you. Many people, who find a food, drink or drugs that elevate their mood will find a way to consume it anyway possible on a regular basis. They love the euphoric, happy buzz they get from it and feel it helps them get through life. True, there are a lot of chocoholics but they will tell you it is the wonderful smooth taste of chocolate that makes them feel mellow and in no way it is sexually stimulating.