A Bread Machine Yeast Roll Recipe

Sneak Peek: These Yeast Cornbread dinner rolls are mixed and kneaded in a bread machine. Cornmeal adds crunch to the crust and interest to the texture. Use yellow or white corn meal for yellow or white rolls.

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Have you ever wondered if you could make traditional cornbread in your bread machine? Of course, it’s possible to make it in a way similar to this bread machine chocolate cake. However, I have a different solution for bread machine lovers with this recipe for Yeast Cornbread Dinner Rolls.

In my mind, the disadvantages (see below) of making traditional cornbread with a bread machine have me looking for alternatives:

  • The cornbread will be the shape of your pan, which may look strange to some people.
  • The baked cornbread is challenging to extract from the bread machine pan in one piece because of the posts and paddles.
  • The crust isn’t as lovely as when using a conventional oven.

My alternative is to make yeast cornbread rolls with the flavors of yellow or white cornmeal combined with the taste and lightness of yeast. You’ll get a soft, chewy, and slightly sweet interior crumb combined with an interesting cornmeal-flecked crust.

I love to serve these with soup or stew. Don’t forget to set out the butter and honey for non-dippers.