Thursday, September 29, 2022

5 potato salad recipes that showcase the dish’s incredible

For the longest time, potato salad only meant one thing to me: russet potatoes, mayo, hard-boiled eggs, mustard, relish and a handful of other ingredients for flavor and flair. But then, through friends and dining out, I was exposed to the variety of terrain this dish can cover.

The salads can be warm or cold, sweet or tart and made from of a variety of different types of potatoes, dressings and other add-ins. These five recipes showcase potato salad’s versatility.

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Janice Canaday’s Potato Salad, above. This recipe from the caterer and historical interpreter is similar to the classic, Southern-style potato salad I grew up with. “The colorful, creamy, perfectly seasoned dish,” Michael Twitty writes, “is one of the best I’ve ever had.”

There’s a wide world of mustard out there. Here’s a spicy taste.

Puerto Rican Potato Salad. While Puerto Rican potato salads vary quite a bit, the standout ingredient in many versions is cubed apples, which add a sweet crunch. This one, adapted from food blogger Marta Rivera Diaz, is packed with flavor and includes cilantro, pimiento-stuffed olives and roasted red peppers.

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Warm Sweet Potato Salad With Chorizo. This recipe from Pati Jinich is a beautiful balance of sweet and spicy thanks to sweet potatoes, Mexican chorizo and fresh jalapeño.

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Fingerling Potato Salad With Black Lentils and Labneh. This recipe from “Eat, Habibi, Eat!” by Shahir Massoud was inspired by her family’s summer gatherings that included both potato salad and traditional Egyptian dishes with lentils and a lemony dressing. Dollops of labneh add a tangy, garlicky punch.

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Mustard and Dill Potato Salad. “Dressed with a honey mustard vinaigrette, it is tangy and a little bit sweet with plenty of punch that keeps the salad light and bright,” Becky Krystal writes of this recipe.